At Downtown Dry Cleaning,

We understand your clothes are more than just a means to cover your body. They are the key to making great first impressions and helping you feel confident. That’s why each of our friendly and attentive employees works diligently to ensure your clothing, household items are cleaned to perfection and handled with the utmost care. We treat your garments as though they are our own.

Dry Cleaning & Laundering

We will take great care of your dry clean only garments as well as items that need to be laundered, pressed or starched.

Alterations & Embroidery

Jean Gomez will make sure your items are the perfect fit. If you need a hem, have a broken zipper or need major alterations please let us know! We also do embroidery for your special personalized items.

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Preserve the memory of your special day! We will take extra care to ensure your gown stays as beautiful as it was on your wedding day, using the safest methods to clean and preserve.

Wash and Fold

Let Downtown Dry Cleaning take over the chore of your household laundry. Just drop off your bag and we will have it washed and folded for you the next day.

Household Items

Take it from us, your comforter and draperies are too large to fit in your washing machine. We promise to care for your household items and return them to you clean, fresh and good as new.

Next Day Service

Drop off your items by 9am and we will have them ready for pickup by 11am the following day.

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Household Items

If your bed comforter is in dire need of a cleaning but you keep putting it off due to the difficulty of cleaning it at home, bring it in to Downtown Dry Cleaning today! We promise to care for it as much as we do your clothing. If you can’t remember the last time they were cleaned, it’s time to bring them in. We’ll work hard to restore them to pristine condition.

Wedding Gowns and Formals

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable events in your life and we would welcome the honor of preserving your dress and memories for years to come. You can be sure we will take extra care to ensure your gown stays as beautiful as it was on your wedding day. We utilize only the safest methods available to clean your dress. We partner with Memories Gown Preservation to preserve it in a premium quality, air-tight box for safe, long-term storage.


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